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Longest-Tenured But Least Effective NHL Player of All-Time?

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I'm not just looking for "Zac Rinaldo" responses here (though they're acceptable). What I'm thinking is more like, of guys who played a lot, who is the least valuable player you can think of, for whatever the reason? For example, is there a guy who played like a thousand games, but only scored 25 points, who somehow managed to scrape together an 18-year career despite being a generally unimpressive player?


This'll probably end up being a goon, of some stripe, but I figure it's a fun summer thought exercise.

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I mean I think you can forgive a player for not being as effective when he was 36-37 years old?


Pandolfo was a valuable player for the Devils for a long time and important for their cup runs



My random guy choice:


Boyd Gordon


Dude's job was to literally follow guys around and hang on them so they couldn't get the puck.

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