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A Discussion on Brett Howden

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Guess I'm tired of the King and Matt Martin thread. Last nite MSG had a Rangers special for 1/2 an hour. Pretty poorly done as they spent about 7 minutes on the draft, 12 minutes on some nonsense MSL HOF interview and 2 minutes on Hank.


They briefly spoke of Howden however and Joe said that the coaches will give him a hard look at making the team. On defense he said the same for Libor Hayek.


I found this on the web which gives a scouting report, backround stats and highlights.




The kid clearly has skills, wears the C and from the brief highlights, looks like he has no problems going to the net, nor does it looks like he wiffs on back hand passes.


The report said he has a weak shot but looked fine for me.


Upside is a top 6 "C" and i guess here's my question in that if he makes the team as a 3rd or 4th line guy is he better off starting out in the A where he can get more time.


On the MSG show Joe stated that the A really helped Chytil and to a lessor extent Anderson and that they would rather have seen Kravtsov start in the A as well.

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It really just depends on if he's strong enough to play against grown men or not, the only way for his cerebral game to translate to NHL speed is to play in the NHL.


I don't think he has the scoring prowess, but the thought is that the turns into Ryan Kesler. Kesler spent a year and a half in the AHL, even with a year of college, so I don't really expect Howden to be up this year, at least not at the beginning of the season.

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Still a looong way to go before the season starts. A couple more months of working out, Traverse City, then training camp. There's really no rush with any of these kids. Day by day is the way to go. Even then, he can make the team out of camp, play a couple of games, and go to the A with a bunch of things to work on.
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He had a good camp with Tampa last season. He probably has another good one this season. I don't think he's that far off from competing with Andersson for a spot. I don't think their roles would be too dissimilar on this current team. Howden has an edge in being better at North American hockey.
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Looking forward to seeing certain youngster play in pre-season. Howden, Hayek, Day, Ronning, Gettinger, hell I want to see what Smith looks like as well.


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Is this a Year the pre-season appetizer may be more interesting to watch than the season itself?


Maybe it depends on how many new faces we see on the NHL version beyond Chytil and Andersson?


Or will/can Buch, Vesey Hayes and Names and Fast elevate their games? Or are these guys all at WYSIWYG stage?


Will we see Lindgren and any other D prospects start the season with the big club? Will ADA be improved?

Or more of the same old...?

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