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Light the Night for Lilah


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BSBH members, guests and all Ranger fans:


As featured on Hockey Central @ Noon today (which likely only Phil listens to) friends of mine are going through a heart wrenching episode with their infant daughter. I'll post the background story here: http://www.thepost.on.ca/2014/06/02/hanover-toddler-needs-heart-transplant-fundraiser-for-hopkins-family-june-19


The father is a good friend of mine, as I mentioned in another thread he was my captain in minor hockey and the kind of guy you'd follow over a cliff. I'm stuck in Alberta whilst all the fundraising events are going on at home so I thought I could help them out in another way. I know everyone has their own problems and such but I also know there are parents here, and those who want to be parents (lookin at you Peter) and I think they will understand what gut wrenching episode this has to be for the Hopkins family. I'm in awe at the dignity they've carried themselves with as I would imagine I would either be curled up in the fetal position or pointing fingers at doctors.


What the news story or Hockey Central doesn't tell you is that Lilah suffered a stroke this morning due to the "Berlin Heart" they gave her and now her situation has become that much more complicated.


I've set up a GoFundMe acct with the thought that BSBH as a group could formulate a small donation to help the Hopkins in their time of need.


To make a donation, click here:




The Hopkins are a hockey family (Eric's uncle Dean played for the Kings ironically) and as such Eric has donated countless hours coaching minor hockey and junior. WE are a hockey family here at BSBH.co and my hope is that as a hockey family we might be able to scrape a few cents together to help another.


Thanks for your time



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I've talked to the organizers and been told that the trust fund they've set up ends on July 1st.


I'm going to set Wednesday as my date so I can get it all to them while I'm at home.


Huge thanks to all for donating or passing it along! Keep 'em coming even if it's 2 bucks. Don't make me call you out :D

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Come on guys, if phillyb can kick in $5, surely everyone else can. I mean, have you seen him with his sister in the "Post Your Significant Other Thread"? Guy looks homeless (no offense phillyb).
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when my gf and i first got together about four years ago, i did indeed live in my car.

there's a whole story there, but that's neither here nor there.




the goal is only 500 and they're more than 50% there.


just fyi, my bank account had 11 bucks in it before making this donation so to quote aj, "if phillyb can kick in $5, surely..."



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