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How Do You Pronounce It: Multi


How is it pronounced?  

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  1. 1. How is it pronounced?

    • Muhlt-eye
    • Muhlt-ih
    • What DOES this even mean?

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For me it's Muhl-IH based on the fact it's derived from the Latin term of multi, which gave us "multiply", "multiple", etc.


I've never heard anyone say "If you [muhlt-EYE-ply] two and two you get four" or "Two is a [muhlt-EYE-pull] of one".


So which is it?

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Jagr pronounces it "Mullet" consistently.


When I lived in the UK it was always "multy" as in multee.


here i say "mull-tye" more often as in mull-t-eye-nash'nal

you know, multinational.


I like word more now, since it has Nash in it.


It's a multi-faceted word, multi is...but in that context, Multeeee ... ummm, same way i used to pronounce

vITaminz with an "it"


than vye-taminz with an eye.


lol this is fun. Margaritas were off the charts tonight.

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