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Return of the Jar Jar: Star Wars Episode I "The Phantom Menace" 3D

Drew a Penalty

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For those who don't know, Episode I is being re-released for a short time starting on Friday. While it's the runt of the Star Wars litter, it's the start of the 3D series that begins this year and will run until 2018 with each Star Wars film being released in 3D.



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She was like 16-17 in that movie.




Movie came out in 1999. She's 30. 2012 - 1999 = 13. 30- 13 = 17. Movie was likely filmed over a year and a half. She was likely 16/17. PEDOBEAR.


Doesn't matter. You're talking about oogling and oggling over footage of a 17 year old...


The movie was released in May of that year. She was 18 upon the release. The movie was filmed in 1997/1998. She was 16/17.


You argue about the dumbest shit, fatsteve

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