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We've Got Two Themes, Including Dark!


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You can quickly change them to whichever is your preferred layout by scrolling to the bottom of the forum and tapping on "Theme." It will open up a drop down with two options available — Default, and Dark. It's possible I'll work on others in the future, but for now, these will be our standard options.

Dark does currently have a bit of an issue with visibility within the Editor. I'll be adjusting that at some point to correct things, but overall, it should be highly-functional and beneficial for your eyes.

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9 minutes ago, Xander said:

One thing I noticed is when I click 'mark all read' on a sub-forum, it turns the entire page red. Not sure if there's a softer color you can choose for that?

The overlay? I can likely just make that blue. I'll look into it shortly.

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11 hours ago, Phil said:

Make that three themes. I've gone in and produced one to mimic the look of the old vBulletin format that I've called "Home Blue." I've also renamed the Default to "Road White."

Let me know if there are any issues.

This is way better than dark mode. 

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