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We're in Trouble

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Last year after the playoff series vs the devils all Rangers fans heard was Gallant screwed up. Even the players exit interviews pointed the failure towards Galiant. Well the Rangers changed coaches brought in some new players and things are looking just like they did last year! Enough is enough! It’s not the coaches fault it's the PLAYERS. I don’t know how they can do it but if the Rangers find some teams that will eat part of some these players salaries whom can be traded —-DO IT!! I’m sick and tired of this crap. I will admit a couple of weeks ago I said to wait see if the Rangers can work this out. I was wrong. It’s time to call the problem what it is. Players have to be accountable. Time for some changes….  ok I’ve said enough … 

Ranger Ed 

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Scapegoats don't fix problems.  They just cover them up until the problem re-emerges.


The Rangers will have two choices after this season:


1.  Hire another coach, this time a blow-torch who will make the vets uncomfortable enough that they waive the NMC's.


2.  Sweep the boards as clean as possible, making deals as they become available and removing the sense of vet entitlement that persists around the Rangers.

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Ugly hockey. Smelly hockey. The fun balloon has burst. This team has become a bunion, a nagging hangnail, with the persistent cough of a long-term smoker. I like these players personally but it’s ‘team’ first. Drury can do whatever he feels is necessary and I’m on that bus. Drive us to a Cup or off the cliff. 

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