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James Dolan Accused of Sexual Assault, Trafficking to Harvey Weinstein in California Lawsuit


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From the article:



Mentioned alongside convicted sex offender and former film producer, Harvey Weinstein, Dolan is accused of manipulating and isolating the plaintiff, Kellye Croft, into a sexual relationship in 2013 when she was invited to serve as the masseuse for the lead singer of the Eagles, Glenn Frey. 


Per the lawsuit, Dolan was believed to be a significant source of funding for the Eagles’ tour at the time as his band, JD & The Straight Shot, were opening for the rock legends.



Instead, she was, as the complaint describes, “unlawfully trafficked… for [Dolan’s] own sexual gratification.” A few days after her arrival, she was confronted by Weinstein, who proceeded to sexually assault her after failing to convince her to give him a naked massage. 



“I have suffered so profoundly because of what James Dolan and Harvey Weinstein did to me years ago, and it was not an easy decision to come forward and seek justice,” a statement from Croft read. ” But for me, to truly address my trauma, I need to seek accountability.  James Dolan manipulated me, brought me to California to abuse me, and then set me up for a vicious attack by Weinstein. 


“My hope is that my lawsuit will force Dolan to acknowledge what he did to me and to take responsibility for the harm he has caused.”


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