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Ducks Re-sign Trevor Zegras to 3-year/$17.25m Extension; $5.75m AAV


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its still a great price for any player who is going to produce that much.


I assume the team wanted a 7-8 year deal. Zegras probably wanted short term to cash in in a few years with a higher cap, so he sacrificed a few dollars now for the long term later.


there's certainly a huge shift in the way NHL players are looking at contracts now, at least the higher end ones. Everyone always prioritized years. But now a lot of guys are betting on themselves to try and get as many big tickets as they can

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5 minutes ago, jsm7302 said:

We had the #2 in that draft.....


Zegras was #9. Wonder how high he goes in a redraft.


1. Hughes
2. Caufield
3. Zegras
4. Seider
5. Cozens
6. Boldy
7. Byram


Something like this?


Kakko is maybe top-ten, but I honestly could buy an argument he doesn't go until 10-12.

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Me too. We basically struck out with our two top picks, although I do like Kakko, but he's not really a needle-mover type of talent. Keep in mind the Sabres were awful for a very, very long time. So, they had plenty of years to stock up on top tier draft picks. It wasn't really the way to go about things, but it's paying off now after about ten years.

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22 hours ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

Maybe others would disagree, but I would take Cozens over Zegras right now 


generally though I'd say its too early to definitively have this convo

that's an easy one.

A less easy one is Kakko, who I would still take over Zegras right now because Kakko is the player I want on my playoff team, not Trevor Zegras, who is obviously talented. I think it's close, but if I could have perfect hindsight I think I still take Kakko past him. Kakko hasn't panned out yet but it can't be denied that of the forward group there, he's of the mold that wins championships in the playoffs and the other players are not. Hasn't worked yet and there's no guarantee it even will, but I think I still stand on that.  

Caufield is harder but a similar discussion. That one I really don't know. I think they're similar but Caufield is a bit better and has a ridiculous shot. You do still need to score goals and this guy can do it.  

I'd rerank it like this, personally, if I'm picking for the Rangers specifically, since I'd want the bigger forward and we didn't need a defenseman:

1. Hughes
2. Cozens
3. Kakko
4. Caufield
5. Zegras
6. Seider

If I'm re-ranking in a vacuum though, I think it's much different:

1. Hughes
2. Seider
3. Cozens
4. Caufield
5. Byram
6. Zegras

I think Seider is quite a bit better than all of the discussed forwards. Hughes is obviously world class but I think it's closer than it might first appear once we're a few years down the road.

It does suck to look at that list though and feel like we haven't gotten our money's worth yet. We haven't, but unlike with Lafreniere who hasn't shown anything really, Kakko has shown that he is a power forward who you really don't want to be playing against. If he can figure out any finishing he's not going to be a friendly person to match up against. 


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