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'Ozzy's Quote of the GDT' Power Rankings - 2023-2024


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Well gang, it's almost here!!!  Our amazingly long summer is rapidly coming to a close, and the promise of a very special new season is drawing nearer!!


This year there will be a little change in the Ozzy Quote of the Day GDT rules;


  • There will be a Gold Medal winner for the top post of the GDT
  • A Silver Medal for 2nd place
  • A Bronze Medal for 3rd place


Playoff GDT Medal winners will have more impact on the overall rankings than Regular season....and yes, Virginia we ARE making the playoffs!!!  So get your shit together, kids!!!  This year is gonna be a fucking blast, so let's have some fun, and win a Stanley Cup this year while we're at it!!



Here's a look back at last year's Standings:

"Ozzy's Quote of the GDT” - 2022-2023 - Final Standings


Ozzy Cup - Winner is the G-Man!!!! @LindG1000

1.    LindG1000  - 2022-2023 Ozzy Cup Winner!!!! @LindG1000
2.    Siddious - 2nd Place Winner @siddious
3.    Keirik - 3rd Place Winner
4.    Sharpshooter
5.    Pete
6.    BrooksBurner/RMC51
7.    jsrangers
8.    mbob
9.    Cash or Czech
10.    Dem
11.    Cr00zng
12.    jamsim1967
13.    Bugg
14.    Phillyb
15.    4EverRangerFrank
16.    VegasRanger
17.    RJWantsTheCup
18.    Phil
19.    CBrowningPI
20.    Valriera
21.    SaveByRichter35
22.    NY Chief
23.    Flynn
24.    Karan
25.    CSNY1

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Just now, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

damn i gotta post more in the GDT's ive been a member here since the beginning and i can't even crack top 25 here

GDT is a wild ride of love, hate, fecal matter, and more joy after temporary madness. Come get some! 

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