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'Ozzy's Quote of the GDT' Power Rankings - 2023-2024


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"Ozzy's Quote of the GDT”
October 20, 2023

Top 25


1.    LindG1000 (1)
2.    BrooksBurner/RMC51 (1)
3.    Pete (1)
4.    Valriera (1)
5.    Keirik
6.    Sharpshooter
7.    Siddious
8.    RJWantsTheCup
9.    jsrangers
10.    Dem
11.    Phillyb
12.    VegasRanger
13.    Abe Froman
14.    The Dude
15.    RichieNextel305
16.    Bugg
17.    Cr00zng
18.    SaveByRichter35
19.    Karan
20.    4EverRangerFrank
21.    Br4d
22.    CBrowningPI
23.    mbob
24.    Pistol Pete
25.    JHS


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7 minutes ago, JHS said:

A pleasure to already be in the top 25!  Just joined like a week ago


Gotta be in it, to win it my good man! 


If it ain't entertaining or funny, it won't make the list.  Last night there was a lot to laugh about!  But welcome to the site!  These guys are cooler than the other side of the pillow!

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