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Tage Thompson: 2022 Pre-Conky Rick Nash


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12 hours ago, Karan said:

Figures Buffalo does absolutely nothing with the 3rd period...except allow Columbus to score a couple of pity goals lol A bit anticlimactic...

I had bet Cozens to get 3+ Shots on goal.


I also bet him to get at least a point so i got some money back but clearly after the first he said fuck it jobs done im not gonna hurt my shot %

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5 hours ago, Valriera said:

Having a great season, but that's a long, long contract. Many players have great seasons and then fall off.


That said, dude is lighting shit on fire haha

No way your still doubting Tage the Terror. Eat your crow and move on!


Also saying this happens a lot is laugh our loud funny. We see 60 goal 120 point seasons all the time i guess

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