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2021-22 ECQF #5: (2M) Rangers vs. (3M) Pittsburgh Penguins — This Is the End, My Only Friend

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1 minute ago, ausman said:

Looks to me they’re either playing scared or have already polished up the golf clubs.

Not sure if scared is the right word. More like totally demoralized because they thought their fancy tikitaka cute passing and skating around the goal would work in the playoffs.


They got a taste of it in the bubble, but looks like they didn't take it seriously and is now getting a rude awakening.

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3 minutes ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

Sure aren’t playing like their season is on the line. 


Rangers still playing with entitlement as if they expect success to be handed to them. Meanwhile, Penguins playing with hunger trying to earn that success. 

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I would of had them skate gassers for an hour yesterday without saying a word. This is about playing brain dead lazy hockey. No coach not even the shittiest of them all is telling their team to play this way. It's about guys not showing up. A collective steaming puddle of babyshit. It's disgraceful. 


Wake the fuck up. 

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5 minutes ago, Cash or Czech said:

Thats not on Shesty. He made save after save. Can’t leave a guy alone with all those chances. The line didn’t defend. Hasn’t for five games. 

I’m talking about the entire period, including that play.  Instead of corralling the initial shot he let it carom into a dangerous area

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