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More like ZijaneBAD. He's somehow still 4th on the team in points but only 4 goals is really rough. I have a theory the team is winning by having at least two hot players at a time. Kreider and Fox. Panarin and Strome. We've been able to get by without Zibanejad scoring. But eventually, push will come to shove and we'll need him to produce. We're a scary team when firing on all cylinders. Crazy that we haven't been doing that yet.

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17 minutes ago, Pete said:

Kreider is scoring 2x the goals he should and Zib is scoring 1/2 the goals he should. It'll all even out in the wash.

I'll believe that if you can't say anything about Kreider if he starts slumping.

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44 minutes ago, Valriera said:

Zib is playing a fantastic two way game and putting points up. He’s fine. The frustration is he had another level. Save it for the playoffs.

I’ve mentioned a few times he’s playing an amazing shut down C role 

although I don’t have stats to back it. That line always seems to be creating turnovers. 


I still think could be just as effective if they split the PP into two powerhouse units. Get Zibanejad back up on the half boards to shoot 

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The eye test indicates that he has been nothing like the player who dominated in 19-20 and parts of 20-21.  I'm talking about a stalking shark who is all over, disrupting the opposition. darting around with swagger and confidence, firing the puck on net etc.  He's been ok, but not that player.

Two years ago I sat in an opposing arena next to a knowledgeable fan who was not previously familiar with Zib.  He was left shaking his head and said "that is one amazing player."  I don't think I would have a similar experience this year.

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On 12/9/2021 at 10:03 AM, RJWantsTheCup said:

If memory serves me right he's started slow the last 2 seasons before this one.

I wouldn't worry about him just yet.

What do you know, your memory works just right:


Last year, Zibanejad had three goals through the first 27 games before kicking into gear with 21 goals in the final 29 games that included three hat tricks. Two years ago, Zibanejad went on that rampage in which he scored 29 goals in the final 34 games that included the five-goal extravaganza against the Caps. So maybe it’s No. 93, not No. 20, who is the ultimate streaky one.

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/12/09/jacob-trouba-is-playing-like-the-force-the-rangers-need/

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