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Reputation, Reactions, and the Leaderboard


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Reputation is an important aspect of any internet community. We know this, which is why the reputation system from the old vBulletin board isn't gone — it just functions a little differently here. I'm still in the process of making small adjustments and additions to it to tailor it to our needs, but practically, the heart button you see at the bottom right of every post is reputation. They're just called reactions:


Reactions can be positive, neutral, or negative, but we've disabled negative reactions so that reputation can only be positively affected. As I understand it, neutral reactions (Sad, Confused) are literally neutral in that they won't give you (reputation) points but won't subtract from your total either. Positives reactions (Like, Thanks, Haha) will give you reputation points.

These points are clearly visible on your public profile under Your Achievements:


You can also view the community's reputation leaders from the Leaderboards link in the navigation at the top of the site.


Within the Leaderboard, there are also Past Leaders and Top Members, and you can filter how you view the Leaderboard itself via the "In All Areas" and "Month" drop down menus in the upper right corner of the Leaderboard page.

Gone are the days of writing personal messages within reputation, which I know is a change, but it's one I think we can all get used to rather quickly.

As always, if you have any questions, just ask.


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Question. Is there a way in say, the political sub forum, to either not make public a reaction or disable them? I worry if sometimes unpopular opinions or opinios that might not jive with a majority might make some afraid to either share a reaction, opinion or might lead to some insulted members if they see publicly likes and reps. 

   It’s probably the one thing that I think the new system might not get exactly correctly. I know there have been some heated debates where someone like myself might have gotten some support because you could rep privately and give credit or encouragement while allowing that person to remain a bit more quiet.  I’m not sure what the best method is for stuff like that. 

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While I look at this, and think about it more, I've gone ahead and disabled the "neutral" reputation options for the time being. I can't really see how anyone would use Confused or Sad and not intend them as a low key insult. So, that's one step.

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