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NYI Trade Slew of Picks to ARI to Take Andrew Ladd Contract


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It's not so much his planning to me. I don't see him like some guy playing 4D chess who's six steps ahead of every other GM. I see him as a bullish stalwart who knows how to make the hard calls, be it dumping a veteran player, keeping identity players at non-ideal prices, etc. He knows how to build playoff rosters. His teams don't always make it there, but when they do, they make noise, every single time.
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It all depends what he does with this cap space. He's got Boychuk LTI-Retired and Hickey buried, so his "real" cap space is closer to 20m than 12.


He's got Pelech, Beauvillier, and Sorokin due new deals, has to make a call on Cizikas, and then has to make sure he's got enough for Pulock and Dobson squared off, so he can't really over-commit here.

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Pelech (RFA, '21), Pulock (UFA, '22), Barzal (RFA, '23), and Sorokin (RFA, '21) are the big fish. Everything else is fiddling with the margins.


I think the Kraken will take a decent piece, so he probably needs Beauvillier to step into Eberle or Bailey's spot. I also think he wants to keep the 4th line as intact as possible, so I imagine he gives Cizikas a deal.


From that - yeah, lots of fiddling with the margins. He probably needs a defender or two (not sure how useful Greene is at this point, not sure they want Bizarro Aho up, not sure Bode Wilde is ready) in FA.

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As mentioned above, I would not lob Parise and Suter into the same sentence. Parise has a lot of Callahan style miles on him and is about done. Suter has two years left as an excellent second unit defenseman. I rue the Islanders getting him and teaming him with Mayfield. I don't know how he would feel about being reunited with Trotz. He thrived under him, but who knows.


I'm just hoping that two deep runs on top of shortened off seasons leaves the Islanders and Tampa a bit worn out next spring. It was apparent with the Rangers in 2016.

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