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What Childhood Movie Messed You Up the Most?


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perhaps the worst trailer ever, but the baby in this movie was the scariest looking thing I've ever seen (guess that's why they don't show it here in the clip, as a result no real reason to watch the video below). I think they may have redone this or done a sequel at some point. I was 8 or 9 and went with a neighbor we were supposed to go see something else and the dad said screw it at the last minute and dragged me and a coule others who were way too young to see it. We lived about 5 houses away and I never ran so fast when we he pulled into his driveway when we got home. And yes the quality of the movies were that atrocious back in the mid 70's.



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My uncle had a library full of horror movies - he loved them and the occult, tarrot cards and anything with black magic. Naturally, when I'd sleep over his house as a youngster of 7-9 years old, he'd ask if I want to watch "Chiller Theater" or one of his Beta tape movies always prefacing it with, "But you won't get scared, right?"


Creature from the Black Lagoon was my weak spot! At the end of the movie I had to walk alone to the other end of the house and my grandmothers room where I slept and I flew down that hall -- I mean like at 100 M.P.H. LOL

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"The Exorcist" was very scary. Seeing "The Shining" and "The Omen" were scary. But nowhere near as scary as Regan/Linda Blair advising Father Damien about his mom's habits in the great beyond, and a shitload of other stuff.Understand that extends the criteria . These weren't kiddie movies but we we preteens sneaking into theaters at a time when there was still R ratings for that kind of movie. You could watch any number of Halloween/Friday the 13th/Freddie movies and not be anywhere as scared as those.


"The Shining" may be the best horror movie ever; Kubrick and Nicholson elevated it. When you're young, you have no idea what themes Kubrick was exploring. As tyke, Nicholson often being over the top was hysterical. Steven King hated it so much he made a very bad TV miniseries remake that wasn't nearly as good. Which is true of pretty much every movie he ever made; 2nd and many more times through you really see so much more. Watched "Eyes Wide Shut" recently and it's got so much going on you miss. Still "The Exorcist" was it.

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