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Who Should Succeed Alex Trebek as Host of Jeopardy?


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I don't think Ken Jennings has the right personality for it.


Stephen Colbert would have been a great option before taking the late show.


One strange name that keeps coming to mind, Sacha Baron Cohen



Just please no Aisha Tyler, David Spade or Will Forte.

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Where did the Coronavirus originate?


What is Chy-nuh?


More specific please.


What is Woo-Han Chy-nuh?


"This French term refers to the predicament of having thought of the perfect reply too late"


"what is.."


"I always have the perfect reply. The best replies. I tweet them all the time whenever they come to me. Never think of better ones."


"What is... l'espirit de l'escalier?"


"Sure, whatever, I can't read that French stuff"

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