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Travis Roy, Terrier Hockey Player Paralyzed in 1995, Dies at 45


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I remember when his injury happened. It was all over the news the next day and my mom was desperately trying to keep me from seeing it. I still remember that morning.


I ended up following his path, the creation of the foundation and everything he tried to do.


Thinking of him laying on his back, telling his dad “I made it” still gets me. We should all strive to be that strong.

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I remember that moment vividly.

Unfortunately I?ve been involved with two more instances like that.


First was a few months after this when Erik Drygas (CCHA) went head first into the boards during practice and i was a few feet away. He was paralyzed from chest down and wheel chair bound to this day. Eric and I coached high school against each other for rival schools and was always proud of all the accomplished.


Some years after that we had a opposing high school player take a header into the boards on our bench. I just so happened to be first man on the head and had to keep stabilized until he was moved into ambulance. Although he never played again, he was walking within a year.




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Very sad, very impactful.


3 kids on my team at the time showed up with football style neck supports the next week.


The next 2 seasons, there was a father that was a paramedic on our team. Anytime a kid hit his head or went awkwardly into the boards, they took them off on a stretcher. We had a tournament where we "lost" 4 kids... and I still didnt get ice time.


They were all being extremely cautious about these injuries after the traumatic Roy incident.

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It was the birth of the STOP sign on the back of jerseys, wasn't it? I can't quite recall.


Just before I think



?The STOP patch looks identical to a regular street stop sign. This concept was founded in 1995 by Kevin Stubbington, a longtime Canadian coach and referee. Watching one of his own 13-year old players take a brutal hit from behind that sent him crashing into the boards was his inspiration for the STOP campaign. He first pitched the STOP patch concept to cut down on the dangerous incidences of checking from behind. His premise was that if kids can see the stop sign on another player?s jersey, they know they shouldn?t check that player because they are vulnerable to injury. Most spinal cord injuries occur on checks from behind to an unsuspecting player. The program quickly grew and was adopted throughout Canada and then spread to other parts of North America?






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