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NHL21 Cover Revealed


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Only ever 2K10, as a gift, for the Wii lol. I imagine that was probably the worst way to experience that game.


EA needs some competition in the market.


lol yeah, not a good representation to that series. 2k5-2k8 years were pretty good. Had its issues too but it at least tried to play a sim style hockey. EA definitely needs competition. They've shown time and time again that they're more interested in buying out competition rather than making a product worthy of ignoring competition.

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Ea’s nhl games are a joke. With that said I buy them every year anyway.


Should have been McKinnon or panarin on the cover.



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A lot of guys do custom covers if you have a nice photo printer. Its kind of silly but its stiill a bit f un i guess. I usually buy the game every other year usually around sale time.

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It's still basically the same game


I go through the same struggles with FIFA, which is basically the only game I play


I had NHL 13 and enjoyed it. NHL 14 sucked. took years off of it, bought 17 on a whim. hated it and havent played NHL since.


might mix it up and go for it this time though. I do play a lot less video games lately

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It's still basically the same game


I'm just looking for updated rosters, honestly.


But I have to figure out if I want to go ps4 or xbox1. Or if I want to wait for xboxX, but I'd rather get a used console because I'm not a big gamer.

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