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Buchnevich is X-Factor on Rangers' Top Line


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Panarin, more of a distributor and transporter than a shooter, should form a perfect union with Zibanejad, more of a sniper than a dispatcher. The upside of this combination of high-end talents is through the roof. Buchnevich, who has all of the attributes necessary to complement his higher profile linemates, is the X-factor.


?I was proud to see his progress and the way he finished after a tough start,? said Zibanejad, the Rangers? captain-in-waiting. ?I can see that there?s more maturity to his game. I want to help him continue to grow.?


Buchnevich recorded nine goals and four assists over his final 17 games to finish at 21 goals and 17 assists for the season, with a 17.6 shooting percentage in 64 games. His compete level and work away from the puck improved dramatically as the year evolved following four healthy scratches through the opening 49 matches. His work earned him a two-year contract worth $3.25 million per season and an assignment on the first line.

Artemi. Mika. Pavel.


The AMP Line.



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I said it elsewhere, but giving Buch the first opportunity is good coaching. Things always change and I can't imagine this line sticking together all season, but it's great for Buch's confidence to begin the year there. I'm very much looking forward to these preseason games.


Agreed. It also forces Kakko to depose him to get the spot, which I think is plenty fair.

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Would love to see Buch have a breakout season.


But I highly doubt it's gonna happen but at least IF it doesn't he can't feel like he wasn't given a great opportunity. He seems way to fragile.


I wouldn't put it past him. He's never really been in a spot to succeed quite like this. If he doesn't, it's probably on him.


He was pushing a 50-ish point pace from the TDL onward. It's not like he hasn't got it in him.

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Are we just ignoring the fact that AV did this...in 2016? Are we forgetting KZB?


I think it will work better now, because Buch is a better player and there's more depth, but it's not like he's never been put in a position to be productive or it's some new way of thinking baout Buch.

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In 2016 Buch was a 21 year old rookie, and Paranin vs. Kreider makes a huge difference.

Of course he'll score more with Panarin... But the point is that he's been tried there before, and it has worked. Until his injury, Buch was pacing like 65 points. Kreider and Zib were both pacing around 70 points until Zib's injury in November, it's not like they weren't productive.


Buch has been put in positions to score in his career, playing with the best talent on the team. The difference is that now he's more ready to stick there because he has - presumably - a more complete game.

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