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Zuccarello Expected to go to Free Agency

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enh, the only 2 year stop gap I'd consider if they miss out on Panarin. (Edit - fuck that. sorry. in a good mood from the KK pick.)


Shame. I think he looked good there, like others. Maybe Dallas isnt offering much due to the conditional 1st

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Explore the window and go to UFA are two very different things.


Nill probably wants to talk to two or three options too.


I read this as "we'd love to sign him but no chance we're giving away a 1st to get him so good luck elsewhere Mats"

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Maybe Dallas isnt offering much due to the conditional 1st


You better believe it. He was excellent for them, but no one is going to give term and a first for a 31 year old, and the 31 year old is not going to be giving home town concessions when home is a hotel room he lived in for a couple of months.

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Probably a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway. If Zuc doesn't sign with Dallas by 7/1, dips his little toes into free agency to see what's out there but ends up signing with DAL anyways, do we still get their pick?


He's already talking to teams now. You don't have to wait to talk until 7/1 anymore. That's what this week is for.

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Here’s Colorado’s concern: Mikko Rantanen needs an extension now. Barrie’s up in one year. Philipp Grubauer, Gabriel Landeskog and Cale Makar are up in two; Nathan MacKinnon in four. So the Avalanche are going to be careful about “term” deals that may cause problems down the road. Joe Pavelski made a lot of sense here, but term is why it is unlikely. Mats Zuccarello was on their radar, too, but I’m not sure about that for the same reason. (It is believed Dallas is willing to go four years, so someone would have to beat that.)



Maybe there's still some hope that he re-signs in Dallas?

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