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Rangers Re-Call D John Gilmour, F Vinni Lettieri


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Well Gimour deserves a look. He's leading all AHL Dmen in points and set a new franchise record this season. Plus he's probably the best skating Dman in the AHL. I'm interested in having another look.


This. 20 g and 53 points in 66 games is worth a look on the shit defense this team puts out there right now. Don't care how bad he looked in a small sample size last year.

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Screams of "you're not coming back anyway, so here's a few weeks' worth of NHL salary as a thank you for your service."


This about sums it up!!!


The Kakko push is on!!! Tank fully in session!


Don't we have any goalies that need to try out or something??? I think Hank needs a rest.....

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In all seriousness, I'd love Pionk to sit for him. Should have been the cast most of this year, really. Pionk has been trash since about December. The Rangers should have swapped him with Gilmour then. But this is also probably much ado about nothing.

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This will help with the losses and now if they only scratched Hank for a few games


Not really. Pionk has been brutal and Georgiev has been as good, if not better, than Hank in the last 20 games.

I agree with Phil. Gilmour deserved to be called up months ago.

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