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What Are Your Worst Social Faux Pas?


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For example: eating pizza with a fork and knife, violating the "one urinal gap" rule for public bathrooms, etc.


I've got two that make people cringe: I'll willingly take bites out of an ice cream cone (I don't care about your sensitive teeth), and I'll eat a string cheese stick in like two bites.

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Ketchup on a hot dog from time to time.


Why is that a faux pas?


Because only mustard belongs on hot dogs.


I think that's pretty Chicago specific lol


Pete a buddy of mine would rag on people using ketchup


Totally a Chicago thing. It's sacrilegious to put ketchup on a hotdog here, but that's also because Chicago dogs come with very specific toppings.


I leave time on the microwave and don't clear it.

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