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Wahlstrom Says Rangers Made a Mistake Not Picking Him


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Bah, he may be playing with Barzal.


Still wish we selected Wahlstrom, hope I'm wrong. I had Kravtsov right behind Dobson and Bouchard and would have loved to trade up for him after securing Oliver. I think Josh and I talked about the Florida pick at 15, but didn't think he'd make it. Dunny wanted him. Drew thought highly. Didn't Fatty want him, but didn't think he'd make it to 26? Whatever.


To be psyched to have to endure the worst record of 31 just to have a 16% chance at Hughes is beyond comprehension. It is so not worth contemplating as a strategy at the beginning of any season, that it continues to shock me to see fans suggest it.


Realistically, expect mgmt to ice as talented a team they can w/o compromising the future. Our new coach will be expected to develop potential and build the right culture, which includes winning. We are not starting out the season to lose. Probably a couple of moves before camp and the we begin to see what we got. This is what they mean by being competitive. As we near the deadline, we'll certainly reassess how much of a selloff is in order.

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