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  1. Oh and my brother in law passed away last week suddenly. So while I have been reading some of what has been posted here and there. I really haven’t been in the mindset of arguing pointless shit with faceless guttersnipes. Regardless no need for me to post. You all seem like you can speak for me.
  2. Panarin has been great. His contract has a long way to go before anybody can deem it good. The first year especially was never the concern and still isn’t. The reactions to this post is why I stopped posting here. The comments about my thinking when I wasn’t posting is why I stopped posting. Really the hypocrisy of the moderators in the political section and the banning and infractions I received there is why I stopped posting. Much like hanks last contract, it’s the yearsat the end that will determine its worth. At least to me. Those years should be prime contending years. Hopefully panarin is still living up to his salary then. It will be a shame to see younger developing players sent packing because of cap restraints. Doesn’t matterif panarin is playing at this level. 5 years from now we’ll see.
  3. Determining that kravtsov was a waste of pick at this point is like trying to determine if panarin was worth it. But you know this board specializes in “premature “
  4. The entire conversation is subjective as is pretty much every conversation evaluating players and their value/worth. Value/Worth is tied to market and opportunity costs.
  5. This is moving the goal posts from prior threads. It was about the team and their holes. It was about the rebuild and becoming a contender. How does the player who gets handed the largest contract very likely for a long time here not directly effect the success of the team? Surely he’s not the only factor but my point from the beginning that the team was full of holes and needed to wait to see what they needed. That was my point. Now you are saying if those holes don’t get filled and the team sucks it’s irrelevant? Panarin can live up to his contract yet not be worth it. It’s all about building a winner.
  6. That’s weak. Panarin has been discussed in a lot of threads. People have their opinions. Team was always the argument against signing him. If it’s purely just a singular player performance standard. Then I would say he should rank in points where he ranks in salary league wide. That is fair and straightforward.
  7. For that matter for anyone to have an opinion can they please post what 7 years of panarin success looks like. We cannot have the goal posts moving
  8. Not sure how I’m the one being contentious or proving anyone wrong here. Would it be better if I just ask for people to stop posting about me?
  9. Am I that important? My entire stance was in the contex of the teams readiness for him and his contract. The first coupe of years are really not the ones I was worried about. In general I’d say I’m looking for 80 points a year personally for him Team success by year would change This year would be his impact on the younger guys and the team improving. Pretty low bar and I say he’s passing year 1 no problem Next year would be make the playoffs. Year three and on would be playoffs and advance a round. In total I would think a trip to the finals once in 7 years or 2 ecf would be fair. Also part of this is who are they unable to sign because of cap constraints. If panarin is personally living up to his 80 points then I would say no problem.
  10. Got it. I said his personal performance was s factor just not the only one
  11. Please what? Who said I was a victim? Fact is there are a lot of posts in this thread about me not the topic.
  12. And by the way panarin s personal performance is only one facet of determining whether it’s was worth it. His contract will have effects on this roster for years to come. Team success will ultimately be the determining factor.
  13. Lot of talk here about me. I made this thread when the mods were complaining about the need for others to create threads for discussion. I believe the line was no thread is a stupid thread. If it is it will die naturally when nobody posts in it. So with that I made a thread about the highest paid best player in the team. A player who will be here for 7 years. You would think on a ranger forum a thread like that would have relevance. Instead at least one page of this thread has been used to discuss me or my intentions. Pathetic.
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