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Favorite and Least Favorite Opposition Announcers


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I need to think about something other than the fact that my team is the worst in the NHL on paper and on ice...


Favorite: The One and Only Rick Jenrette! (Buffalo)(only one I'll choose over MSG feed)

Least Favorite: The Washington tandem (drive me up a wall; always mute them) They've been around forever. When will they get rid of them?

Grudging Acknowledgement: "The One Who Sucks" is actually a decent color man for FLA

Overrated and sick of him: Mike Emrick (I used to really like Pierre, but I'm getting tired of him)

Needs to be replaced: Mike Greenway for Wild


Worst Rangers play by play man in 50 years of watching: Sal Marciano (lasted one season, I think 72-73). I think Winn Eliot; Bob Wolfe; Tim Ryan; Sal Marciano; Jim Gordon; and Sam Rosen have been the only TV play by play guys that whole time.

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I like hearing "The One Who Sucks" homering for the Panthers when they are playing the Islanders.


I'm surprised no one is picking up on my disdain for the Washington announcers.


Someone mentioned Chico Resch. Yes, very bad, indeed.

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To me Doc says way too much. Let the play carry the show. I wish I could never hear his voice again.


Daneyko used to be too much of a homer but he?s gotten better of late. Chico? I?d much rather eat rat poison.


I love Ken Albert?s call. Maybe because I grew up listening to Marv on a small radio under my pillow? Kenny and Dave Maloney are pretty fair and fairly accurate IMO.


Susan Waldman? Ugh. In as perfect world, she and Doc would be left alone on a sinking submarine together.

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I watch so many out of town games, but this thread makes me realize 1) I don't pay enough attention to the calls and 2) I don't know enough of these guys by name.


I really don't mind Jack Edwards.

I could listen to Pat Foley say the word, "save" over and over.

I think I've watched an Avalanche broadcast and really liked their team.

I recently watched a CGY broadcast and hated the woman they had doing color.

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