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Craig Carton Arrested by the FBI

Blue Heaven

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WFAN morning show co-host Craig Carton was arrested early Wednesday for duping investors out of $5.6 million to cover his staggering gambling debts, authorities said.

Carton, 48, was arrested by FBI agents at his Manhattan home ? causing the highly-paid sports talk gabber to miss his morning show opposite former New York Jets star Boomer Esiason.


I guess this is the end of Boomer and Carton.

Really feel bad for his wife and kids.

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on further review this scam looks a bit more sophisticated in reading up on who he was involved with. the one guy is already going to trial for defrauding hedge funds out of some 70 plus million and might even had an investment bank feeding him pigeons.


while it seems like he is surely dirty a good defense of being mislead could be offered on his part. one thing is for sure though was they had a cooperating guy on the inside that fed them some pretty damning emails.

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Craig Carton sentenced to 3.5 years Prison PLUS 3 years Probabtion:




That sounds like the right sentence, maybe on the harder side - but the guy was stupid he fought the charges when he could have made a plea deal at the beginning. So 6.5 years total under watch. Probation is NOT freedom, you are held by the balls by the parole officer. You have to comply with rules about where you go and when, alcohol and drug restrictions, and depending on how sadistic he is the PO can call their convict at 3 am if they want to and demand they submit for a drug test immediately. Failure to comply means back in jail

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