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P.K. Subban on E:60 This Sunday


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“I’m sorry, when I score a goal in the National Hockey League against the best players in the world, if I get excited and I want to show my emotions, I will,” Subban said.


The Subbanator is the subject of an “E:60” profile, airing Sunday at 9 a.m. on ESPN. Some sneak peeks have been released, including the defenseman’s comments on his goal celebrations. The show will also take viewers on a tour of Subban’s closet – which includes a black leather trenchcoat.






This guy is incredible. So pumped for this.

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Seriously. I've definitely been on record stating that I didn't like him, but I was completely being a moron. Subban is fucking awesome and not just at scoring goals against the best players in the world and being unapologetic about his goal celebrations.


Fuck yeah PK. Fuck yeah.

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