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Patrick Bateman

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I had heard about this but never used it. How long until you have access to funds afterwards?


I haven't cashed out yet, but you can keep it in your account if you want, so if you ever have to send someone money you don't have to dip into your bank account, you can just take it from what you have piled up in your account

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I believe Paypal takes a cut and/or doesn't go through as quick.


If you gift through paypal it's no charge, you do have to wait the usual 3-5 business days to transfer to your bank if you don't want to keep it in your paypal account. Gifting is a non- protected transaction though. If you gift and the person you send that money to just takes it and doesn't give you anything in return (if it's a transaction that is) then you're shit out of luck.

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