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First Image Of Ben Affleck As Batman


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Look at the close up of his suit, there's veins and shit popping out. What in the fuck is up with that?


I like the short eared cowl a lot, it looks like a badass throwback.


Not a fan of the bat mobile at all. After seeing what Nolan did to it and the idea of what it's supposed to be, it's hard to go back to the old, cartoony look.

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I think the veins popping out means its some sort of skin-tight material and not straight up armor


I like the weathered look to it. Look closely at the logo on the chest and you can see scuff marks all over it (they actually look like slash marks made from a blade of some sort; someone better versed in batman/superman villains could probably think of a possible villain with blades). This isnt batman's first go-around

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