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What's Your Favorite TV Series Intro?

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We've all seen them. Those intros that let you know you favorite show is on. If it's done right, and you're in to the show enough, it'll give you chills. A good theme song, a good montage, etc.


Personally, and this is an odd choice, I probably go with the intro to HBO's John Adams. You can watch it below:


The "Don't Tread on Me" flag, the flags of the 13 colonies, the use of the snare drum and fiddle, etc. The music is not only awesome, but the whole intro drips "America."


As for the most iconic intro, I'd probably have to go with "The Sopranos." The sights of NJ, the music, etc. When you heard that song and saw Tony Soprano, and saw the NJ Turnpike, and all that other crap, you knew that you were in for one hell of a night.


So what's your favorite of all time? What's your favorite currently? Which one has the best music? Which one gives you chills? Game of Thrones? Vikings? Boardwalk Empire? True Blood? Homeland? Dexter? The Pacific? Band of Brothers? etc.


Fire away gentlemen. Just thought it would be a cool thing to review all these iconic TV show introductions that we've come to know and love.

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