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'The Americans' on FX


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Caught a stupid historical error in the last episode. At the end, when he uses the suit case to beat up those guys and there are $100 bills everywhere, there were some that had the new larger, offset Ben Franklin which didn't come out until the 90's.
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Also,enjoying this show so far,the relationship between Elizabeth and Phillip is pretty interesting to say the least and its only a matter of time before Stan goes prying again,he was suspicious the first days he met them and I see seeds are still planted in his mind about them

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I have the last two episodes on my DVR, watched the pilot, but idk if I wanna keep up with it, is it worth it?


It's not your typical, high excitement spy thriller. So if you go in thinking it will be that, you may be disappointed. But I like it. It's more of the day to day of sleeper agents and the nuances of that. There is still some excitement and some intrigue, but it's more of a show about people who happen to lead extraordinary lives.

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