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NYU student replies-all to 40,000 classmates


Would you rather fight?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather fight?

    • 100 duck sized horses
    • 1 horse sized duck

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The responses were classic.


For the record, I'm going 100 duck-sized horses. Ducks are small, which means if I had to fight them all, steel-toed boots would go a long way with such a small combatant, despite their numbers.


Anything horse-size can do serious damage. You almost have to pick the smaller animal, but your death would be slower.

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Horse sized duck. Birds are lightweight in order to fly so a horse sized duck would weigh a fraction of what a horse weighs. I'd guess around 150 pounds. I'd go for the legs.


Ducks have tough skin/feather/shell. We used to find dead ducks in the creek near a hockey rink and could never bust them open with rocks or sticks.

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You seriously underestimate numbers. Horses have incredible strength-to-weight ratios and that will still translate to duck size. Factor in 100 of them and you will be easily overwhelmed.


Give me one horse-sized duck.



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I'd feel too bad killing a bunch of miniature horses, they'd be way too cute. But I'd have no problem with a menacing horse-sized duck. Plus that duck would make a nice meal for weeks. Survival-wise the duck-sized horses are the way to go, but I'd find it easier (mentally/morally) to kill the horse-sized duck and there's a nicer payoff.
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