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Female Products


Do you have the balls?  

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  1. 1. Do you have the balls?

    • Yeah, I don't give a shit.
    • Fuck that, tell her to get it herself.
    • What do THIS even mean?

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Have done it many times and will do it many times in the future more than likely, don't know what the big deal is unless your under 12 years old.


Since your wife/girlfriend takes your D**K in their mouth I think the least you can do is buy some friggin tampons if she needs it.

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of course... been married almost 14 years, I've bought everything there is to be embarrassed about at a pharmacy and realized every time that I get to the cashier that they couldn't give 2 shits what you buy, they just want their shift to end.


If there's one thing that does still make me aware of what I'm buying is the nit shampoo... one of the kids gets nits at school and everyone has to shampoo their hair with that crap... I always feel like the people at the pharm are standing an extra 2 feet away from me when I got that in the basket.

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I've done it.


Grow a pair. She asked me to do her a favor and I'd do pretty much anything for her. This falls under that "anything" category.


This. Some of you deserve to be single if you're not already. She needs anything, I get it for her. And when I'm working on a day she's home, more times than not I get sandwich delivery to my office upstairs without a word mentioned.

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