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  1. Losing 2 games to none lead 2 years in the row wasn’t embarrassing enough. Now they trying to go into history by losing lead 3 games to none.
  2. I don’t think absence of Rempe last game was the reason why we lost. To me the reason was not-so-good defense and inability to win battles along the boards. On top of all everything that played in our favor first 3 games ie pk and pp let us down.
  3. Without Rempe rangers are getting ravaged like Elizabeth Shue in "leaving Las Vegas"
  4. Carolina will adjust their special teams no doubt about that. I don’t think that our pp which was kinda inconsistent all season long will keep on producing at 100 percent. We have to cut on taking penalties. One sided referring or not. That is playing with fire. Have to find a way.
  5. Hope somebody wipes that fucking smug off Diangelos face. And subbans while they are at it.
  6. It will largely depend not only on leagues scheduling but on venue availability as well. Anyone knows how knicks are doing?
  7. This one would be tough. Carolina is better team now than they were when we played them during the regular season. I watched their 1st round and to me it looked like they handled isls very easy. This one definitely will not be walk in the park.
  8. I thought rangers were smarter than that. Washington is playing them like a fucking flute with this super slo-mo game
  9. Lol. I just screwed up some with this no clue what. Hope rangers won’t do same tonite
  10. My understanding of all this data would be that this team was not built for playoffs. That is what happened. Desperate teams play desperate ie play-off style. We still play regular season style. Hence the result.
  11. Every fucking no name goalie becomes Dryden playing against the Rangers. So much for 5 on 5 offense.
  12. Fucking Hughes. I thought he went to devs locker room to change his tampon after crazy start and never came back. Showed up here.
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