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Martin Pospisil Gets Game Misconduct for Elbowing Josh Morrisey; Suspension Coming?

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5 minutes ago, Phil said:

Nah, six. He got three games earlier this year for a brutal check.


Ok, I gotta stick with 3.  I didn't remember the original suspension.  😃

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I don't even think that should be a penalty.


Jets announcers are hamming it up a bit. Morrisseys head is low but is also leading with his stick to punish the guy about to crush him. You can see his stick explode on the hit. I don't even think he hits his head. 


Calgary guys feet leave the ice upon contact and follows through with his arms like you're supposed to. 


One legit elbow in this league gives a player a reputation. Yet stick swings, slew foots, hits from behind and other shit, never has any weight on refs making these calls or the league punishing certain players.  


Morrissey on the hit--


"I watched it after. In the moment I didn't feel like it was dirty, I guess. I felt like I got smoked and it's part of the game. When I watched it after he kind of extends the elbow. Thankfully he just grazed my chin and didn't make contact but obviously he's got a history and the elbow is probably the piece I feel is the reckless part of the hit. The league will look it. Obviously he's got a couple of suspensions so not the best to be losing money like that. We'll see what happens."


The elbow was initially called a minor penalty, but was changed to a major following a review. --





How'd it even get reviewed if it was initially called a minor? I thought they automatically call these majors,  to make it a reviewable play? Can't review a minor.   


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Looks like a good hit to me. These hits are not any more dangerous than hockey is. Let’s worry about the dangerous ones before we take out the hockey plays. When we stop seeing players getting taken from behind face first into the boards I will start worrying about front on front collisions where one player happens to make contact with the other players head as part of a normal checking motion and play.


Morrisey got up here because the hit was fine. Didn’t even bat an eye

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