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Red Wings Sign Patrick Kane to 1-year/$2.75m Deal


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  • Phil changed the title to Red Wings Sign Patrick Kane to 1-Year/$2.75M Deal
  • Phil changed the title to Red Wings Sign Patrick Kane to 1-year/$2.75m Deal


In between, Kane, owner of 1,237 NHL points and the most impressive trophy case in the history of American hockey, met with the Red Wings’ medical and performance staffs to show off something else he’d picked up over the summer: A cobalt-and-chromium-coated right hip joint. Those meetings were neither brief nor a formality. Kane’s future with the franchise, and the career arc of one of his generation’s greatest playmakers, hinged on what they uncovered.


Everyone, Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman said, liked what they saw. “They’re pretty extensive in their evaluations of players for their return to play,” Yzerman said, “and they were really pleased with the results.”



“I think the thing that got me,” Kane said, “was the fact that (surgeon Dr. Edwin Su) believes that I won’t have to retire because of my hip now.


The belief, held by the player, the team and its medical staff, is still that Kane can be that person, even at 35. It’s shared by Su, an orthopedic surgeon at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery who has performed thousands of hip resurfacings over nearly two decades, including The Undertaker’s, Jovanovski’s and Kesler’s. Success stories are important to him; the procedure accounts for less than 1 percent of all yearly hip replacements in the United States, and he believes that number should be higher, especially, he says, now that lower-quality implants and less committed surgeons are no longer in the mix.


Kane, in the six months since his surgery, “has reset the whole recovery timeline” — and not just for hockey players.

“(Kane) really is, like, kind of freakish,” Su told The Athletic. “He’s just blowing it out of the water. Things that we expected to be accomplished by three months, he did in six weeks. Things that we expected in four months, he did at two months. He’s basically accelerated the timeline by almost a half.”


“Ed is a pioneer,” Su said.


It’d be easy to attribute the end of Jovanovski’s career to the hip; according to him, it’d also be incorrect. When the Panthers bought him out of the last season of his contract, his leg felt stronger than it had in years. Sometimes, he said, it’s just time.


“I felt like with a full summer of rehabbing and working out that I probably still could have played, but (I had) four kids,” Jovanovski said. “I had a 19-year career and it was good. At that time (the procedure) was pretty fresh, right? So no one’s really going to take that crack on you.”





Pretty thorough account of his situation, dispels a lot of speculation from internet physicians.

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