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Sharks Sign Filip Zadina to 1-year/$1.1m Deal


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So he took a $700k pay cut in real dollars this year. He was due to bank $2.7m in real dollars the season after. He'd have to turn himself into a $3.4M AAV contract to break even in the same time frame, but even if he doesn't, he's given himself a chance to earn a larger next contract by finding another place that gives him NHL minutes opposed to wallowing in the AHL for who knows how long.

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3 hours ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

Perfect landing spot for him. 


have a good season, get dealt to a competitor at the deadline, have a good playoff and go to UFA when the cap takes a sharp increase.


I like seeing players bet on themselves, hope it works for him

I like that too, but I’m this case he also had every opportunity in Detroit so I’m not sure what he was waiting for 

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