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Leafs Sign Tyler Bertuzzi to 1-year Deal


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On 7/3/2023 at 12:12 AM, The Dude said:

Wasn't he not allowed in Canada because of vaccine status? Guess money talks.  I'd think he'd say F.U. to Canada after all that. 


He was always allowed in Canada. He's a Canadian citizen lol.

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3 hours ago, Dunny said:


He was always allowed in Canada. He's a Canadian citizen lol.






Canada wasn't allowing unvaccinated players into the country for a bit. Same with baseball.  It cost him some money as the team wouldn't/couldnt pay him for the games he couldn't play. It cost his team too as I believe they lost most of those games.  


I'm actually shocked he's the only non vaccinated player in the league. Thought there were a lot more. 


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