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NHL Staff Mock Draft 2.0: Charlie Stramel to NYR?


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24 minutes ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

If Matvei Michkov starts slipping lets just trade up and grab him. who cares if he takes 3 years to come over.



He’s going top 5. The only knock on him is the 3-years thing which is really not that big of a deal. 

20 minutes ago, Drew a Penalty said:

I'm holding out hope that Benson falls far enough to justify a trade up. I don't care that he's another LW, he has skill and absolute dawg in him.


I'm all about following the trend of adding more dawgs. Give me guys like Easton Cowan and Kalan Lind.

No idea who he is but I like the sound of him

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Charlie Stramel was once thought of as a potential lottery pick, but a tough freshman season at Wisconsin for the 6-foot-3 center has some wondering if he’ll even go in the first round now. 


Scout 1: “He’s a good player. He’s a big body who can skate. His year didn’t go well, but people will remember how he looked with the U.S. NTDP, how he looked at the world juniors. He will be a first-round pick.”


Scout 2: “He made it tough to like him this season. He showed very little hockey sense, often was in the background at games I saw. Would have liked to see him compete harder even if his team was overwhelmed.”


Scout 3: “In junior, I saw a big guy with some skill who can skate and was … nasty … to play against. That last part wasn’t always there for me in college.”


Scout 4: “If he missed the whole season due to injury he would have been a no-doubt top 15 pick based on what he showed with the U.S. program. He didn’t have a good season, the team was a bit of a disaster around him and there were concerning things in his play as well, but I think he’s still a first-round player.”


Executive 1: “He’s a dime-a-dozen type of big guy who can skate a little and hits guys. He doesn’t have much offense. He’s not going to be a target for us.”


Executive 2: “He didn’t have a good season, but I’ve been a fan of his for a few years, it’s not easy to find guys who play like him. I think he’s going to rebound and will have a long NHL career.”



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