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The Dude

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Dearest @josh and your mom.  I know I speak for everyone when I say we all miss your contributions to the BSB and what your mom does for us in the bedroom or in the back seat of a car, or in a public bathroom, or behind a dumpster... well you get the point.....


We just want to know if you're still around. Did something happen? Are you mad at us? Is it Pete's fault? Should we get rid of Pete? We can get rid of Pete, if that's what it is. You want us to get rid of Pete,? We'll get rid of Pete... 


Are you a spirit or a ghost now? Can we summon you if we say your name 3 times like Beetlejuice?


Well fuck it. Here goes.






Wait... Josh isn't suspended or banned or some shit is he? 


If so. How about his mom? 

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I had reached out to him via PM and his actual email with no reply back in April I guess. He apparently was still updating g his fantasy hockey team so apparently he just doesn’t appear to be interested in being part of the community for now I guess.

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