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Athanasiou Drags Trouba: 'He's an $8 million man with 0 goals,'


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  • Phil changed the title to Athanasiou Drags Trouba: 'He's an $8 million man with 0 goals,'

Ive loved troubas hits in the past - important to keep the opposition honest. but this one did sorta come off as a hit for hittings sake - rather than the most ideal defensive hockey play...and he couldve hurt the guy pretty bad.

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23 minutes ago, josh said:

I thought the hit was a bit high, so it’s weird that he apparently seems to be butt hurt 

Hit looked fine to me outside of it being hard.


Keep your head up guy. 

other than that this is absolutely hilarious. Love Trouba being called out. 

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On 12/4/2022 at 10:20 PM, RichieNextel305 said:

Love a “scoring forward” calling out a defensive defenseman for having 0 goals. Keep your head up you pussy. 

He's not a defensive defenseman, and if he was, he shouldn't be making 8 million. 


I was with some business partners at the game last night, one of them is a pretty hardcore Ranger fan and he even admitted that one of the hardest jobs Ranger fans have to do is act like Trouba isn't a headhunter LOL. I tend to feel like he doesn't necessarily target the head, but he also does nothing to avoid it half the time.

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2 hours ago, RichieNextel305 said:

No, Anthansiou. (Side note: what a hard name to try and remember how to spell. Had to check like 3 times. 😂)


I saw the hit, I actually think AA hit the nail on the head. Trouba is overpaid, tries to overcompensate and do too much, and he's reckless.

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