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Rangers Sign Ben Harpur to 1-Year Contract


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1 minute ago, Keirik said:

Drury has an unhealthy infatuation with shitty tall defensemen 

Gallant does, too.


Ironically, I mentioned him yesterday when I didn’t realize he was in Hartford. I put Harpur in my way-too-early lineup prediction.


i also though Hajek was ok last night. 

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1 minute ago, Cash or Czech said:

Last season Harpur had the third worst +/- on Nashville despite only playing 19 games. 


Hajek was fine last night. It's Schneider who's play I was more concerned with. 

This. Schneider doesn’t look anything at all like he did last year. 

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29 minutes ago, siddious said:

I agree Schneider hasn’t looked great. Sophomore slump? k’79 looked like doo doo to start then season last year too.

I know next to nothing about this guy but I’ll never understand the ranger’s insistence on having one shitty vet on the bottom pair.

No other options? Only shitty defense are to be had without losing anything 

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5 minutes ago, siddious said:

The other option is just play jones and Schneider. They ain’t much worse than whatever signing they’re making at this point.

Exactly, Schneider, Hajek and Jones are, in fact, at least a small upgrade from the kind of marginal defensemen who you are going to get for near the league minimum.  Annoying signing.

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