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Canucks Re-Sign JT Miller to 7-Year/$56m Extension; $8m AAV


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  • Phil changed the title to Canucks Re-Sign JT Miller to 7-Year/$56m Extension; $8m AAV
10 hours ago, rmc51 said:



9 hours ago, Pete said:

Yea, same question.


Understand it takes a trade candidate off the table, but totally different circumstances regarding age, salary to take on, etc. 

why does it need to be more than that though? It’s just one less highly skilled impact winger in his last year of a UFA contract off the table come mid season or trade deadline. 

realistically, the top 3-4 performing guys that were/are pending UFAs after the upcoming season were




Pastrnak (which is a stretch since I assume Boston wouldn’t let him go u less he asked to go) 


  I suppose you could throw in MacKinnon who we all assume isn’t going anywhere either.  Then there is Pavelski, Larkin, ROR, Horvat…..still, to me Kane is the tip of the top rentals possibly available. JT and him really were 1/1a. 

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