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NHL 23 Reveal Coming August 23


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  • Phil changed the title to NHL 23 Reveal Coming August 23
3 minutes ago, Pete said:

This is fucking moronic. Change the name of the game if you want to put a woman on the cover. Simply because women do not play in the NHL.


Even the gaming industry isn't immune from the woke brigade requirements lol 

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Cross-platform matchmaking is coming to NHL 23 in an update later this year! Face off with players on the same console generation in Ultimate Team™ and World of Chel. More players mean shorter queue times, so you can hit the ice with less downtime.


IIHF Women’s National Team members are now in HUT and can be added to any roster for a true dream team experience. HUT Rivals Playlist brings a rotating series of Rivals game modes. Plus, unlock three more rewards tiers based on Win or Win Streaks.


In addition to cross-platform matchmaking, EASHL is also getting Assisted Strategies to help players plan their tactics for every matchup, new X-Factor Abilities that open a deeper level of play style customization, and Creation Zone updates.





Cross-Platform matchmaking will NOT allow cross-console invitations in any online modes. Xbox players cannot squad up WITH PlayStation players on the same team, but they can play AGAINST each other if they are in the same generation. For example, a player with a PS5 can’t play with an Xbox S player on the same team, but these two players can play against each other!


While our goal was to have cross-console invites that allow for co-op play with players from the opposite console in NHL 23, that won’t be a part of this initial phase. That’s why we’re striving to implement more crossplay features in future EA SPORTS NHL titles.


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Pretty garbage trailer, but I'm not the Twitch/TikTok kid that they're evidently trying to appeal to. 


Cross-platform missing the ability to squad-up is disappointing. They're implying it could come in an update this season, but it's EA.


Seems like a few gimmicky animations, and just over emphasis on women in HUT. 

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