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Need Help Watching Rangers' Games with Apple TV and VPN


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Sorry if I screwed up using the search, but hoping for help. I live in CT. I have EPSN+ and YouTube TV. I was using unlocator VPN for my MLB package to get the Yanks and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately I have not been having luck with the Rangers and EPSN+ so I changed to ExpressVPN. It seems to be dialed in on my iPad, but I want to watch on the big screen through my Apple TV. I am using the Media Streamer option (DNS change, etc), but it’s unfortunately not working. It allows me to select the broadcast, but then it shows the subscription option instead of the game. Also, I can’t seem to mirror from my iPad. Very very annoying. I know I am preaching to a choir, but what the hell is wrong with all these sports? They are killing their most likely fan base. Thanks in advance. 

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Friend of mine lives in NY, but is related to Ducks Sonny Milano, so he wants to root for his cousin when NYR aren't playing. Having a similar problem; won't buy the Hulu/ESPN+ package, rather he opted for the NHL package. Problem is if ESPN picks up any game, whether scheduled or on the fly, they black it out on the NHL package. Seems scummy; somebody buys into every NHL game and you cut them off from an out of market   game that really doesn't impact ESPN's bottom line all that much. How many people in the US cared about Ducks/Avs last night that were not in those markets(thoguh last night was not blacked out)? We have been sold that streaming is some kind of futuristic innovation, but reality it's just a new way to bleed viewers white.  

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