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U.S. Center for Safesport Opens Investigation Into Wild GM Guerin, Source Says


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The U.S. Center for SafeSport has opened an investigation into Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin after the wife of a former Pittsburgh Penguins coach alleged Guerin covered up her sexual assault when he worked for the franchise, a person familiar with the matter told TSN.

Erin Skalde, whose husband, Jarrod, is a former assistant coach with the Penguins’ American Hockey League affiliate Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, filed the complaint with the centre on Oct. 5, and has been told that staff at SafeSport have opened a file about her complaint and intend to investigate, the person said.

Jarrod Skalde alleged in a lawsuit filed Nov. 3, 2020, in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania that then Wilkes-Barre/Scranton head coach Clark Donatelli assaulted his wife, Erin, when the three of them were in a car together during a team road trip in Providence, R.I.

Jarrod said that seven months later, when the incident was brought to the attention of Guerin, who was the Penguins’ assistant general manager at the time, Guerin told him to keep quiet about the alleged assault.


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I was a witness in a safe spot accusation against the head coach of my son’s team when he was 13.  Hopefully they have better investigators than they used during that one!  The person I talked to couldn’t even feign like he really gave a shit about the accusation.

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So the victim, her husband and the abuser are all in a car together when a sexual assualt allegedly took place; not victim shaming to state that sounds like a very hard case to prove by itself, criminally or civilly. Victim claims she was drunkenly groped in back seat while her husband had "no idea" in fornt seat ; could happen, but a likely story? And the  civil complaint is the Pens are at fault because they didn't fire the guy. It's he and she said(and he first said he knew nothing despite being 2 feet away), and he said. What corrobration is there? Could very well be the guy is a total jerk and worse.  But did the victim call 911 or Providence PD?Says they waited "months.  Is there some other concurrent outcry witness, be it law enforcement, or medical professionals, or a friend? Was there booze only on the coach's part or others,and were other intoxicants involved?  If the Pens fired the guy off this, what's to stop him from suing the Pens. Puts Guerin and the Pens in a very tough spot. Further could be an instance where a plaintiff's attorney figures piggybacking on the CBH mess might force the Pens to be more inclined to write his clients a very big check.   

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