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Urban Meyer Apologizes to Everybody for Being an Idiot

Shane Falco

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So how exactly did Meyer end up in a viral video? ...

"I stayed to see the grandkids, and we all went to dinner that night at the restaurant," Meyer said. "There was a big group next to our restaurant and they wanted me to come over and take pictures and I did." 


After taking photos with several people in the restaurant, Meyer then admitted that things took an interesting turn from there. 

"They were trying to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing around, and I should have left," Meyer said. 

Unfortunately for Meyer, he didn't take his own advice. Meyer ended up sticking around and that's when things got dicey for him. At some point in the night, someone took a video of a woman dancing with her backside near his midsection and that's the video that ended up going viral (you can see the video by clicking here). 


Meyer, who is married, said that he's spoken to his family about the incident and that they're definitely "upset." So far, it hasn't been a good year for Meyer on or off the field. 


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13 minutes ago, Stephen said:

He needs to back to coach College Football, some rumor him to go to USC. 

He might just end up doing that. There is no good press coming out of this. Jag's owner is pissed off, his command over the locker room seems sketchy at best from what reports say.

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