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not sure if there's been a thread for this show yet? just watched the first season and have started the 2nd. really like it. one of my favorite shows i've watched in a while


they also filmed just outside my office for a bit so i'm excited to see when that pops up. HBO has been filming a lot by me (NYS Capital building/surrounding govt. buildings look enough like DC and is far cheaper to film at)

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You’re not really supposed to like Tom. He’s such a pitiful prick who thinks he’s a top dog when he isn’t anything.


I get that but I don't like his character because of mediocre writing. I love to dislike characters because of good writing. There were so many in Game of Thrones heh

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Baby is starting to sleep a bit more at night so I was finally anle to finish season 1 last night- what a fantastic show. Although I did kind of see the end coming but never the less. 

hopefully it won’t take me 6 months to finish season 2 now

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